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We're all kinda lost in here, admit it.


The history of Enoshima Island

Long ago, a five-headed dragon lived in this ocean. The violent dragon caused much suffering for the people. Eventually, a black cloud covered the sky, bringing a deep, deep darkness with it. Just when everyone had given up and thought the world would end, something happened. A single ray of light shone down from the sky. An unearthly beautiful princess arrived riding on a purple cloud. The woman smiled, and her smile illuminated our dark world.




these two boys from my class went dressed today as that psycho from scream and no-face from spirited away. they started making out right in front of everyone. it was the most disturbing thing i’ve ever seen.


just when i thought things couldn’t get any weirder, the scooby-doo gang showed up and jason joined scream and no-face


wtf kinda school is this

obviously a school I should have attended in my younger years